• B1级挤塑保温板在实际运用中的优势?



保温板是一种硬质挤塑聚苯乙烯保温隔热材料,是以聚苯乙烯树脂为主要成本,添加一定比例 的添加剂,全德国贝尔斯托夫进口生产线,在生产上严格按照ISO质量管理体系控制条件下通过特殊工艺 加热挤压成型而制成的具有蜂窝状闭孔结构的高性能硬质泡沫塑料,在这些蜂窝结构的互联壁有一定厚度,不会出现空隙,因此,挤压过程形成的均匀组织令产品具有优越的保温隔热性能,良好的抗湿防潮性 能和高抗压性能。

In order to realize energy saving and emission reduction, the building exterior wall insulation work vigorously carried out in China has achieved great results in recent years. B1 grade extruded board is a new type of environmental protection material, and is widely used in external wall insulation engineering. The external wall insulation technology has obvious advantages after the test of practice.

Compared with internal thermal insulation, external thermal insulation can avoid the phenomenon of "thermal bridge", which can effectively avoid the condensation of thermal bridge parts, and also eliminate the heat loss caused by thermal bridge. Second, the use of exterior insulation increases the temperature of the inner surface of the enclosure, which reduces the energy consumption of heating by lowering the room temperature without reducing the indoor thermal environment. Again, it can effectively improve the damp condition of the wall.

Insulation board is a kind of rigid extruded polystyrene insulation materials, based on polystyrene resin as the main cost, add certain proportional additive, the bell: Germany imported production lines, in strict accordance with ISO quality management system in the production control by a special process under the condition of heating and extrusion with honeycomb closed pore structure made of high performance rigid foam, The interconnecting walls of these honeycomb structures have a certain thickness and there is no gap. Therefore, the uniform structure formed by the extrusion process gives the product superior thermal insulation, good moisture resistance and high compressive resistance.